With 15 years experience of engaging in manufacturing and marketing, Huali Ecopack has become one of leading company in disposable paper food packaging. Our main business scope include hot/cold paper cups, double wall/ripple paper cups, paper bowls, ice cream cups, PLA biodegradable cups, etc. Our products conform with GB27590 Standard、FDA 21CFR175-300 Standard, EU2010/2011 AP(2002)-1 Standard and Japanese Health Department Inspection under No.370 food packaging Standard. Our products are clean, safety, hygiene without fluorescer. Conforming with the international standard, our products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions, such as United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan and so on. And we are long-term excellent supplier for Coca Cola, KFC and 7-11 food service chains.

Our company owns international state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including new computer-controlled six color flexo printing machine, Germany Heidelberg five color printing machine,Heidelberg four color printing machine, Roland four color printing machine, full-automatic mould cutting machine, corrugated ripple machine.automatic paper cup forming machine, more than 80 production lines and variety of perfect paper cup detection equipments,most of them belong to upscale, high standards of first-class equipment in the same industry.

From beginning to the end, we adhere to the spirit of integrity and continuous research and develop innovative products to our customers. We promise supplying high quality products and superior service via strictly production management & quality control & perfect after-sales service system. We establish sincere cooperative relationship with our customers making each other grown up in the competitive market.

一、华丽包装经过了15年生产与销售的经验累积,已发展为极具规模国内领先的一次性纸制食品包装容器的制造销售商。产品有饮料杯、热饮杯、中空隔热咖啡杯,瓦楞隔热咖啡杯、冰淇淋杯、汤面碗、PLA环保生物降解杯。产品质量符合中国GB27590标准、美国FDA21CFR175.300,欧盟EU2010/2011AP(2002)-1,执行日本370号令食品卫生包装检验标准,不含荧光剂。公司业务遍布美国、日本、欧洲、澳大利亚、中东、菲律宾、南非、尼日利亚、 巴西、智利、台湾等20多个地区。是可口可乐、肯德基、7-11等大型快餐食品连锁企业长期优质配套供应商。



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